The Gentlemen's Flight Guide


This is the Gentlemen's Flight Guide.

We know that flying can be stressful. From packing to entertaining yourself while sitting in the same seat for 10+ hours. But do not fret summer traveler, follow these simple steps and you will be happy as a clam coasting through the sky to your vacation destination. 

        The Carry on. The first rule of a carry is to pack an extra outfit, and don’t forget the underwear. Missing a connecting flight already stinks, but wearing the same clothes and underwear the next day, literally stinks. You will be thankful when you have that back up outfit. Buy some bottled water in the airport so you don’t have to flag down the flight attendant. If you get motion sickness in the slightest, take something (Bonine works great). A toothbrush for when you land, lotion and chap stick because the air on that plane will do a number to your skin, and cologne because who knows what the person next to you will smell like.

         Entertainment. Pack your headphones. You will need them if you are stuck next to a mouth breather or when your on a 10 hour flight and the Delta headphones simply will not do. Don’t forget reading material, watching movie after movie will prove to be boring, change it up with a book or magazine.

         What to wear. Layers are key. Flights work one of two ways, the plane is hot with no air flow and there is an odor starting to form or the tiny jets of icy air are blowing onto your face with extreme intensity and your toes have lost their feeling. Be prepared for either situation. If your flight is international, bring a pair of socks and wear something you don’t mind being in for 12 hours. NEVER WEAR PAJAMAS. You can only wear them if you are 3 years of age and under. Dress comfortable but stylish, after all, you are seeing thousands of people that day.


       What not to do. Don’t talk to people who clearly don’t want to be talked to. Don’t invade people’s personal space. Don’t eat something that has the potential to make you gassy pre flight. Being pushy when getting off the plane and asking people to hurry up won’t make them move any faster (this happened last flight I took). Overall be respectful to your fellow passengers and flight crew.

Enjoy your flight.

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