Sandbar Sunday’s: Stuart Style


Sandbar Sunday's: Stuart Style

Florida is all about the endless choices of aquatic activities available every day (weather permitting, of course). In a small town on the Treasure Coast called Stuart, we turn those choices into a lifestyle. If it’s a Sunday, it’s a day for the sandbar.  Stuart turns going to the sandbar into more than just taking your boat or jet ski out with friends or family. It turns into more day drinking than you can ever imagine, boat hopping, games, and making great memories. You get to take in the small town beauty of this town and find out why it was recently named “The Happiest Seaside Town in America”.

Drinking Stuart Style

To do Sandbar Sunday’s correctly, you need alcohol, and a lot of it. Everyone usually brings their own 12 pack of beer, and then a couple of other drinks of choice to share with the whole boat. Last time I went to the sandbar, there was 112 beers, 1 boxed sangria (yes it’s a thing, and it is a lot better than it sounds), and 1 bottle of tequila. I feel like I should mention that was only for 6 people, yes 6, and it was all finished that day too. But remember to bring enough water, because when you drink all day in the sun it’s easy to dehydrate and not realize it.

Sandbar Activities

Although it seems like the sandbar is mostly for drinking, people play tons of games there too. Want a game that involves drinking? Frisbeer is the game you’re looking for. All you need is some PCV pipes, a Frisbee, and beer. This is a real game with an actual website that has actual rules. If you want something the whole family can enjoy, just bring a volleyball and a net to set up in the water.

 When you go to the Stuart Sandbar, it’s an all day thing. If you forget to pack some food, no need to worry, we even have a floating restaurant. Walk around and find the Crusty Crab Café, they have close to two dozen items, from burgers to corndogs and chips. 


Sandbar Sunday’s are pretty much a tradition for Stuart at this point, becoming a staple in the lifestyle. Comment below some activities to do in your hometown!

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