Effortless Coordination


A Gentlemen's Guide to Coordinating the Perfect Outfit

Friday, March 27, 2015


Many aspects go into creating a great outfit, one of the biggest keys to creating an outfit that catches peoples eyes is effortless coordination. The key to looking good, is to make your outfit look effortless. Here are some tips to putting it all together.

Ella Bing Bow Ties and Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are great, but remember you want to wear one in two instances. To be the focal point and to be complimentary to your necktie or bow tie. When not wearing neckwear, a pocket square is an exquisite way to add a little pop and flare to your outfit. At this point it can be large, bright and dominant, as this is where you want the attention drawn to. But, when wearing a necktie, especially a bow tie, you want the attention to be drawn to your neck. Doing both creates a busy look, and people will not know where to focus their attention on your outfit. Ensure your pocket square compliments your bow tie/necktie and doesn’t compete with it.


Moving to your wrists. I’ve often always worn a wrist watch. My brother Matthew had a huge collection, and after he passed away, I inherited that collection. But lately i’ve been wearing a lot of beaded bracelets and leather straps, that I’ve made myself. It’s a quick and effortless way to add some details to your wardrobe. Just remember not to go too crazy, I’d say one to two items per wrist, no more than three, better yet, choose one wrist to accentuate.

Ella Bing Spring 2015 Photoshoot

Shoes are the detail that usually pulls an outfit off. I tend to lean towards lighter colored shoes, as the contrast usually works better with coordination. Especially if you want the focal point of your wardrobe to be above the waist. Typically, I want the focal point to be at my neck as I’m often wearing a bow tie.

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