The 6 New Style Rules You Need To Do


Monday, April 6, 2015 

Men’s fashion hasn’t seen much change over time. Neither have the rules. The game is the same and players haven’t changed. These past few years more men have been more open to the idea of dressing well and having a sense of fashion. It is no longer for the women, male celebrities, and the gays. Metrosexual has become nonexistent in todays world because most men these days actually worry about their looks. These tips are a 6 surefire ways you can dress better. Lets start out easy and progressively make our way down.


All Black Everything- How to Wear Black

Dressing in all black has been a thing for women forever. Three words. Little Black Dress. However when guys wear all black, they are often labeled as gothic or much worse, job uniform. It sounds easy to do but if you don’t do it right, it could be a mess. Dressing in all black doesn’t mean you just put on the first things that see you in your closest that is black. Think about it thoroughly.

Layering and texture are your best friends when doing this rule. Find clothing that have interesting details to the garment. Mix it with denim, leather, suede, cotton, knits, nylon, and the list goes on. Play with proportions. Wear sneakers, boots, or dress shoes.

black jeans  black man leather jacket


Down With The Browns

When it comes to brown, most fashion rules state that you must only pair it with certain colors. Well then again, it depends on which shade and tone of brown you choose. Mixing camel with black creates a great contrast. If you aren’t sure to what colors to pair it with, why not just only wear neutrals. Ever thought of navy, gray, white, and brown?  Collectively, it creates a masculine and easy color palette every man can easily wear and replicate.


Hints Of Reds Accents

Ever think of using red as a go to pop of color for almost every outfit? This color goes great with many other colors. The color maybe bold but when subdued with a serious outfit, it creates a great combination. Weather it is a watch or  a cardigan, red will stand out. Let it serve as the only accent or contrasting color. Let the other colors you wear make it support colors only to enhance the accent of red. 

red lacoste watchmen's red sweater


Oversized. No Extra Smalls Please!

This rule can apply to men now. There is a difference between clothing not fitting you right verse oversized. This style tip can be applied by anything. Oversize tees, scarves, jackets, or cardigans are ways you can update your look.  It gives off a sporty urban look. So long are the days of only wearing really tight fitting clothing and looking like you are wearing your little brother’s clothes. Wearing looser and more relaxed clothing is more comfortable. Try this look with a chunky knit cardigan, a solid tee, skinny jeans, and loafers.


The Man With The Bag

Using a man bag is no longer frowned upon! Rejoice! Lets be honest here, today’s modern man needs a bag to carry everything we need these days. There are many types of bags you can carry or use. You are no longer only left the option to use a briefcase. Totes, pouches, and backpacks are now designed to be stylish enough to be scene in the workplace. Besides work, you are going to need a good bag for those weekend getaways or after work gym bags.


Less Bling, More Metal

Wearing jewelry has been associated with rappers and rockers. Make your jewelry selection less about trying to outshine everyone else, pick ones that are completing to your outfit. Silver and gunmetal are easy to wear because they don’t attract too much attention. While gold will stand out no matter what, however be subtle with gold. Don’t be that guy who is decked out in gold chains, bracelets, and a watch with diamonds. Remember less is more. The bolder the piece, the less you can wear.


Remember these may not work for you or you might not even like them. Style is about how you want to wear clothing but finding the right look and fit is the hard part. You will only know if you experiment and try new things. This could ultimately leave you to finding your own personal style.

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