5 simple rules in becoming the Supremely Confident Gentleman that She Actually Wants


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Be a leader and a decision-maker, not a pushover

One of the things that makes the bad-boy type so attractive to women is the fact that he usually is the take-charge kinda guy. It’s obvious that couples are equal partners in modern society, this isn’t the 50s for cripe sake. See our Top 10 Article on Chivalry for more info on that.  And, it’s true men should most defiantly respect a women’s viewpoints and opinions. Truth be told, even if she is the Hillary Clinton type, a real liberated women, she doesn’t want to be wearing the man-pants 24/7.  She wants you to take charge, she doesn’t want to have to worry about every single thing. That is what you are for. You’re the “getter-doner,” a real go-to-guy. So the next time you are faced with making an executive decision, man up and do it, for the sake of your women.

Be Ambitious

Women want a man who strives for greatness. Remember that stupid ass movie, with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker called Failure to Launch? (Actually I’m a sucker for any movie starring McConaughey, but for the sake of this article, let’s pretend I didn't fess up here) He was one lazy son of a bitch, with zero ambition and drive, well he wanted a wood boat, but other than that he was lazy. No women in their right mind wants that. Show her you want something more than you currently have. Maybe it's that corner office, or becoming fire chief, or owning your own business. Tell her your biggest ambitions and you are certain to reign supreme.


Have a cool man skill or hobby

Back to McConaughey, one thing he did have going for him was, he had all sorts of cool-ass man skills and hobbies. He rock climbed, mountain biked, drove a vintage Porsche, played paintball all day, the world was his oyster. Men typically have at least one fixation on a particular hobby or interest. Women find this very attractive. Cool stuff like McConaughey’s character, or woodworking, cooking or playing the guitar. These skills will make you more interesting an unique, and women will brag about your to their friends. This rule will help women think they have found a good-catch.


Be supremely confident about your relationship

Be confident that she picked you out of all the guys in the world. The trick is, make her feel the opposite, a woman wants to feel like you could have had the pick of the litter and you chose her. So cut out the “I’m worried that I am not good enough for you,” crap and man-up. Don't act dumbfounded and awestruck, although cute in the beginning, it will soon wear thin with your lady. This is not about being arrogant, this is about being supremely confident in what you have to offer a women.


Be supremely confident and comfortable in your own skin

As they say, “Never let them see you sweat.” Take what you do well, your assets, and radiate them. The things you might be lacking and hide them far away. Even if you have a small quirk, learn how to turn it into a desirable asset. Be comfortable in your own skin, you are you and being confident in you is key.


So what did you think? What does your top five look like? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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