The Five Shoes Every Man Needs


Monday, June 8, 2015

Black Oxfords

The go-to-backbone of any mans wardrobe. A pair of Black Oxfords can get you through most events in life, interviews, weddings, bat mitzvahs or any other social event you can throw at it. Invented in England in the 1800s, this is the most formal of mens shoe wear. 

The Black Oxford


Brown Wing-Tips

If Black Oxfords are your go-to-pair of shoes, than the Brown Wing-Tip is an extremely close second. Look for something dressy, so they can go with a suit, but something sensible that they can be paired back to a casual setting. A brown pair of Wing-Tips is most versatile, as it can be paired with slacks, chinos or denim. 

brown wing tips


The loafer is a stunning and fantastic shoe. Common shoes that fit the bill for loafers these days are driving shoes, or a dress slippers. All-in-all it's a go-to-shoe for dress-down Fridays or a casual event. What is fantastic about the modern day loafer is they can be worn in most settings, and come in a large array of colors. 

pink loafer


Classic Bucks

Think of Bucks as the big brother to classic sneakers, yet the little brother to Wing-Tips and Oxfords. They are that classic in between shoe to be worn with dark denim or a sweet pair of chinos.

Classic Sneakers

Not to be confused with a pair of Nikes you would wear to the gym, we are talking classic sneakers, think a pair of Chucks by Converse. These are as American as apple pie.



Bonus Shoe

The Boat Shoe

The boat shoe is right there as being a classic staple as a pair of Chucks. Especially living in the State of Florida as we do. Boat shoes are often worn with shorts, for a dressy-casual look. But can also be paired with a skinny pair of chinos for an outstanding vibe, just remember, sockless is the best route here. 

brown boat shoe

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