The Ella Bing Guide To: Dressing Well This Summer

Sunday, June 14, 2015
Ella Bing is headquartered in beautiful, sunny and often ridiculously hot, Tampa FL. Sure we have the sand and the water, which don't get us wrong, is pretty fantastic. But good golly...When March and April roll around, and most of the US is still dealing with the realities of a harsh winter. We start warming up, quick. Its not so much the 95 degree weather, but the 100% humidity that really puts us over the top. So with all that complaining aside. How does a guy deal with dressing well when the Summer months roll in? Welp, we are happy to say we have a few solutions for you. Some of these might make you feel a bit uncomfortable, and others might seem like second nature to you, but lets just roll with this, shall we?

The White Suit

We are gonna be honest here...tread lightly our friends. Only wear a white suit during the summer months. Preferably to outdoor events. Also, remember that the white suit is a no-no to wear in the office, so keep that in mind. When pairing your dress shirt, remember with a white suit it is best to keep it simple here, so opt for light pastels. As far as shoes go, experiment with brown and black oxfords or a loafer, also no socks are perfectly acceptable. Keep your neckwear like your dress shirt simple. A black bow tie or necktie would be perfect here. 

The Seersucker Suit

Ahhh the seersucker suit. It holds a special place in our hearts. Wear it right and women will adore you. Wear it wrong and men will despise you. You can, of course go the traditional route, and wear a necktie or bow tie with your seersucker suit. Or, since it is the summer, you can easily pair it back with a wide navy striped shirt, and a casual pair of loafers or suede bucks.  The seersucker suit is worn best when paired with light-colored shirting. When choosing accessories to wear with your seersucker suit, ensure they play nicely, canvas over leather here boys. As for socks, well, that is up to you and how comfortable you are without socks. We understand that in the heat of the summer, wearing no socks is a bit uncomfortable. Tip: Spritz a bit of baby powder or Gold Bond in your shoes, before and after wearing them without socks. This will make a world of difference. 

The Khaki Suit

First, let's all remember that Khaki is a color. The Khaki suit in the summer can easily become your go-to-suit for many occasions. It typically looks good in all social and professional situations and can be paired in many ways. When wearing a khaki suit, be sure to skip cheerfully colorful dress shirts and opt for white. Also remember with a khaki suit, brown leather is your best friend. But with that said, pair your khaki suit with a slick and CLEAN pair of white sneakers and you'll be the cat's meow. 

 A Few Extra Tips...

Now everyone knows wool is for the winter months, and can be hot as hell. But what if we told you there is a thinner, lighter wool which regulates body temperature, would you be interested? I mean lets be honest, cotton and linen suits, can be annoying with their constant wrinkle factor. The thinnest form of wool is called Super 100's, it drapes wonderfully, breathes easily and stretches thanks to its naturally elastic fibers. 

Next Level Summer Suit...

Want to be cooler than the other side of the pillow? Of course you do, but it comes with a risk and requires bigger, more fruitful cojones than the average bear.  For a fairly modern look, opt for the skinny suit with shorts look. But be mindful, the shorts, should not be your average shorts, that you might wear with a sweater. When wearing shorts with a suit jacket, ensure your shorts are tailored as well. Wear shoes with your attire that are still dressy, a nice pair of suede oxfords work well hear, with no socks of course. 

So that was our list for dressing well in the hot summer months. What did you think? Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments below. 

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