10 Things Every Gentleman Should Own


Purchase these items carefully and with thought and they will last a lifetime.

  1. A Dinner Jacket

Just so we are clear, a dinner jacket is a tuxedo jacket. Sure you might only wear this jacket two or three times a year, but what is the alternative? Wearing a rental in which the jacket does not fit you correctly, which was more than likely recently worn by some kid to their senior prom? When you take into consideration the cost of renting a tuxedo, you will quickly see that the cost of owning your own Dinner Jacket will be paid for quite quickly. Plus the cost might actually motivate you to find more excuses and reasons to get decked out. Tuxedos are the required attire for “black-tie” events; you can also find a Tuxedo useful for charity galas, opening night at the symphony or opera, and art show openings. If you need further reasoning to wear a Dinner Jacket, dress up for a nice dinner out with your significant other. Don’t worry about people staring; they are looking in amazement on just how stunning you look.

  1. A Valid Passport

These days, when traveling outside the United States, a Passport is a must. Awaken you spirits and be ready to set the globe on fire.


  1. A Great Weekend Shoulder Bag

I can’t recall a scene where James Bond is wheeling around a suitcase, can you? If the man’s man traveled he traveled with romance and panache. A great shoulder bag is a must have for any jet-setting gentleman. What is great about a quality shoulder bag is it will age with grace and has a timeless style. A Navy Blazer

Like we spoke about in a previous blog post, building a basic wardrobe, the navy blazer is an essential to a man’s closet. Often referred to as your closet’s Swiss Army knife, no other item can be as versatile as the navy blazer. A quality navy blazer can almost compliment any item, in any color, in any season. We suggest going for a single-breasted, fitted cut, as always get it tailored to your body.

  1. A Well-Tailored Suit

We can think of at least a half-dozen instances where a quality suit would come in handy in a year’s time. We realize that dress up at work might be a pair of slacks, and a tie, but you are not 13 anymore, step your game up and dress for the position you want, not the position you have. If you are only going to own one suit, go for a navy or charcoal colored suit, and please ensure it’s been to the tailor. When collecting suits, you will more than likely do it over time. So here is a quick list of the order in which you should acquire these prized possessions. 

  1. Navy - Go with the navy suit first because it is the most versatile, meaning it lends itself to all manner of formal affairs. Wear a navy suit to interviews, weddings or even funerals.
  2. Charcoal – A bit less versatile than navy, but still a must have in a gentleman’s arsenal. With both navy and charcoal in your closet and a nice mix of shirts and ties you can sustain the illusion of a great suit variety for a long time.
  3. Light Colored – Go for light brown or khaki, but if these colors just do not compliment you go for a light gray. Wear this suit in the summer for a dressed down formal look.
  4. Black – Sure this is the suit that you probably thought you should own first, but of course that is what every man is thinking. And why do you want to be like everyone else?


  1. A Chef’s Knife

A good knife is going to cost you, we are going to be honest they are not cheap, to the tune of $100 - $200. But that knife will slice, and dice and chop wonderfully for you for an extremely long time. In reality, you probably do not need the standard block of knives sitting on your countertop as one good knife will easily accomplish most tasks. Look for a knife between eight to ten inches in blade length. Professional-grade manufactures such as Wusthof, Global, or Shun are a great place to start.

  1. A Slim Wallet

George Costanza was horrifically known for his over-sized wallet. Filled to the max with loyalty cards, receipts, membership IDs and change, stop right now, you do not need all these items all the time. Get simple, and back to the basics with a quality slim leather wallet, which can easily be placed in your back or front pockets, or your coat pocket.

leather wallet

  1.  A Family Heirloom

Every man should have something that is worth more than its resale value.  If this tradition is missing from your family, start it yourself. Something special for celebrating when life’s moments of joy arise, it is extremely nice to share something to commemorate the moment. Whether that is a fine bottle of wine or champagne or a bottle of quality scotch. Moments in life to celebrate do not occur often enough so make sure you are ready to celebrate the events when they occur.

  1. A Classic Cookbook

Remember this gentlemen, a women loves a man who can cook…write that down. The modern gentleman should be able to slam together a couple nice meals, should the occasion rise. When picking a quality cookbook, go with the tried-and-true classics such as The Job of Cooking by Irma Rombauer or The Fireside Cookbook by James Beard

White House cookbook cover

     10. Fine Stationery

Quality stationery will heighten your senses; it is a part of the experience of hand writing a note or a letter. Writing is an extension of your personal brand, your personality put onto paper. When making the purchase of quality stationery look for cotton based.

calligraphy pen


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