5 Shoes Every Guy Should Own


Shoes can be complex and expensive but can literally make or break an outfit. Considerable thought must be given to choosing the correct shoe. So, which shoe style should be sitting on your shoe rack? Here are our top five shoes that every man should own, and have ready to compliment any outfit for any occasion. 

    1. The Sneaker- Ok, we are going to come right out and say this. The only time you should be wearing a pair of sneakers is if you are headed to the gym, or going for a jog. End of conversation.
    2. The Casual Shoe- In our book, the casual shoe is a must have in any wardrobe. Not all days are spent at the office. So for those more casual settings, be sure to adorn a sweet pair of Vans or the ever popular boat shoes. Mostly, casual shoes come in the form of a lace-up shoe with a thin leather sole. Be sure to avoid bulk here and opt for something sleek. 
    3. The Black Dress Shoe- For the most formal occasions, or even a regular work day, nothing can replace the classiness and reliability of the classic black dress shoe. The black dress shoe is a must have in any mans wardrobe. 
    4. The Brown Dress Shoe- As with most things in fashion, something is always the new black. And brown is no exception to this rule. The brown dress shoe has become an excellent alternative for many occasions to the black dress shoe. 
    5. The Ankle Boot- The Ankle boot is a essential part of any mans shoe collection, especially when the winter months start rolling around. The ankle boot can be functional as they can be worn with dress slacks, and denim, complimenting each appropriately. 

Now that you have the basics down, be sure to check out our next blog post when we talk about classic dress shoe styles. Breaking down in more detail the intimidating process of shopping for the perfect dress shoe. 

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