A Guide to Haircuts and Styles


     Bad hair-days happen, but having a bad haircut is a harder issue to resolve. No one is happy when they have to wait for their hair to grow out just to have it cut again. But, if you like wearing hats ever day then you have nothing to worry about. However, sometimes the haircut isn’t bad. Sometimes the haircut just doesn’t suit you.

     If you’re ready to try a new hairstyle, finish reading this article and go to a barbershop. Barbers are trained to style men’s hair and use clippers as opposed to scissors. Unisex hair salons typically hire cosmetologists who are trained with scissors. Also, barbershops are lax environments where you can have nice conversations and meet new people. But, before you do, think of a haircut you may want to try out so you know before hand what it will look like on you.

     Different hairstyles compliment different face shapes. This is because haircuts can help accentuate different feature of your face, such as jawlines, foreheads, and cheekbones. Hair texture also plays a role in how to choose the right haircut. Think about it, long hair might look flat on an individual with thin hair. But, someone with wavy hair might look good with long hair because of its extra volume.

     Look below to determine which face shape you have and which hairstyle you should try out.


                                                                 (Via: www.menscoolhairstyle.com)

Square Square faces have a strong, angular jaw, a width and length that is nearly equal, and straight sides.

            Try this: Close fades and short, parted sides 

                                                  (via: www.hairsend.com)

Round Round faces are the same as square faces, but have rounded sides and wide cheekbones.

            Try this: Tight sides with height at the top


Oval People with oval faces have a soft jawline that is smaller than the width of their forehead.

            Try this: Short sides, a slightly longer top, and side-swept parting.

                                                (via: myhairstyletips.com)

Oblong Oblong or rectangular faces tend to be longer than they are wide, and have similar sized foreheads, cheekbones, and jaws.

            Try this: Proportioned sides and top that allows hair to fall to the sides

                                                  (Via: gqindia.com)

Diamond Diamond faces are long, have angular features, a defined chin, and have wide cheekbones.

            Try this: Fringes with a side sweep or deep side-parting

                                     (via: youtube.com)

Inverted Triangular People with inverted triangular faces have a wider forehead than chin, so think of an upside-down triangle.

            Try this: Voluminous long hair with full sides

                                                 (Via: designtrend.com)


     Now that you’ve figured out what face shape you have, head over to your trusty barbershop and change up your look. Also, ask them for recommendations as different hair types and textures can give different results. Or, if you nailed your haircut and it already compliments the shape of your face, then keep up the good work! 

     What’s your favorite type of hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!

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