How to Win A Drink at a Bar


In the US there are over 65,000 bars and clubs which generate a total revenue of over 23 billion dollars a year. So it is safe to say that as Americans we like to spend a lot of our time drinking and having fun with friends. However that 23 billion doesn’t just appear, that is our hard earned money going to cocktails, shots, and beer. If you are trying to save some cash but still get your drink on here is a way to win a free drink.

Step 1

Bet a friend of yours that you can finish 2-3 pints of beer before he can finish 2-3 shots. To him this will be a piece of cake, this will be your opportunity to add a few (very important) stipulations: He needs to give you a 1 beer head start (fair enough), and neither of you can touch the other persons glass at any point during the competition.

Step 2

Drink your first beer. Take your time, this is your head start. He will be patiently waiting to start taking his shots thinking as soon as you are done he has a free drink on the way.

Step 3

Once you finish your beer take your finished glass and place it upside down over one of his shot glasses.

Step 4

Drink your last two beers at your own pace and triumph in your victory. Since the rules state you cannot touch  each other’s glasses he cannot move your glass to drink his last shot.

Step 5

Don’t let your friend get out of buying you a drink. You outsmarted him and he, at the very least, should commend you for that. Also a real man pays his debts and knows when he has been beaten. That is all it takes! You, my friend, have just won yourself a free drink and should have a pretty decent buzz going. Enjoy and as always please drink responsibly

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