The Definitive Style Rules: Navy Suits


A navy suit is the most flexible suit color you can buy. Followed closely by charcoal and medium gray. 

1. A navy suit can be worn with both black and brown belts and shoes. A black suit cannot.

2. The best shoe color for a navy suit: chocolate brown. It's dark enough to wear at night and colorful enough to shine during the day. 

3. Tuck in your shirt.

4. Three things you need in that party shirt underneath your navy suit: big cuffs, a high collar, and quality pearl buttons. One thing you don't: bling.

5. Navy doesn't have to mean plain. Instead of toying with loud stripes, try a textured fabric to give your navy suit added character. 

6. Two expensive suits are better than five cheap ones. One of them should be navy.

7. The John Kruk rule: Know your neck size. (He obviously doesn't) You should be able to fit one finger between your collar and your neck when your shirt is fully buttoned.

8. Neurotic comedians like Richard Lewis wear only black. Do not follow suit.

Follow these simple rules to master your navy suit game. 


Igor Ovsyannykov

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