The Terms: Jacketology


Here are six rarely used bits of suit jargon you may never need to use but might be glad to know all the same.

The Drop: The term used to denote a suit's shape, i.e., a "drop six" means a trouser waist six inches smaller than the chest.

The Jigger: The single button in a double-breasted jacket that is always kept fastened.

Bosom Pocket: Pockets cut into the suit's fabric, usually covered with a flap.

Ticket Pocket: The third pocket above the side pocket of a jacket (normally the right one), usually with a flap.

Kissing Buttons: How cuff button on expensive suits are sewn so they almost overlap up the sleeve.

The Scye: The term for the armhole, the size and shape of which often determine the jacket's fit.

Olu Eletu

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