The Tuxedo: A Timeless Necessity


The Tuxedo

In a world of casual Fridays no longer being restricted to Fridays. Jeans being worn with everything and no reason at all to dress up. The Tuxedo has faded into the abyss only presenting itself in period drama TV shows and movies. It is worn so little, that when it is worn it often resembles a costume or a wedding with no exceptions. For the man that has everything, the Tuxedo is the final remaining element that is needed to complete his wardrobe. 

The Tuxedo covers more than simply weddings. It covers birthdays, formal occasions and special occasions. Think of it as an "I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it at all". You may think you will never need a tuxedo, but consider this: How great does it feel to no longer have to figure out what to wear for New Years? Your birthday? Your wedding or wedding anniversaries?

The Tuxedo for a Wedding:

Having a tuxedo for your wedding is a given, but take this into consideration: if you rent a tuxedo, that item loses its sentimental value as soon as the item is returned. The best day of your life will live through pictures but how amazing would it be to have that item for the rest of your life? Think of it this way, you would be returning an item from what is possibly the best day of your life. The tuxedo for a wedding

How amazing would it be to wear that same tuxedo for anniversaries? I personally wear my tuxedo for my anniversary each year. Each time I put it on it reminds me of the day my wife said "yes" and the day we married. The sentimental value alone is worth every penny I paid for it.

The Tuxedo for New Years:

Want to bring the new year in with a bang? A tuxedo seems a fitting outfit for the occasion. How serious are you about change and doing great things? Your attire says it for you strongly when you rock the Tuxedo. I too, personally wear a tuxedo for every new year. 

The Tuxedo for New Years

The Tuxedo for Birthdays:

When it's your birthday you want to be the best-dressed, best-looking person wherever you go. Your tuxedo is the apex of dapper. You become the star of the show as you should be since it's your birthday. You can look into colors for your tuxedo, fabrics such as velvet, and a plethora of other options for your special day to make it as grand as you want! My personal favorite is my white tuxedo blazer with black satin trimming. It's a show stopper! 

Convince yourself to try it:

The tuxedo

Try one on. Take in how great you feel while wearing it. Still not convinced? My advice is to see if you can find one from a vintage shop or thrift store. That takes the guilt out of spending a fortune on something you aren't convinced you will wear often and you won't feel terrible about spending the money. This also a great way to start. This could be the platform you use to find something you really like, while possibly finding thrift gold.

-Mr. Oliver

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