How to Wear White After Labor Day


   Wearing White After Labor Day 

     Wearing white after Labor Day has been a Fashion Don’t for as long as I can remember. Legend has it that the rule was originally intended for people to not wear white shoes after Labor Day due to the fact that the brightness would clash with the dark, moody tones of Autumn and Winter. But Florida only has two seasons – hot and rainy. And even when you’re not in the Pan Handle of America, wearing white can act as visual relief for your outfit by balancing out heavy and light colors. Wearing white as a way to color block is always a good idea, especially when paired with a dark fall color like maroon or dark brown. Off-white colors like cream and ivory can still give your outfit that wow factor without making people want to put on their sunglasses around you. 

     Take the risk and try adding some of these white must-haves to your fall wardrobe by wearing white after Labor Day:

1. White Chinos (Zara)


2. White Sneakers (Asos)



3. White Sweater (H&M)



4. White Tee (Topman)


            What do you think of wearing white after Labor Day?

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