How to Dominate a Proper Toast


How to Dominate a Proper Toast

One day very soon, you will be asked to give a toast, whether it be at your best friend’s wedding, your fathers retirement party, or a significant others birthday celebration. Preparing for a toast can be intimidating, worrisome and exciting all at the same time. Not to worry friends, Ella Bing has you covered; follow these simple tips to make the most of the occasion.

  1. Stay Sober – Sure, you might be nervous, but being a bit tipsy is the last thing you want to do when giving a toast. You can drink when it’s over.
  2. Keep it Short, Sweet and Sincere – Use the old adage, KISS which stands for Keep-It-Simple-Stupid. Don’t force jokes, especially at the expense of the honoree(s). And be sure to include several heart-felt, genuine compliments.
  3. Make it Personal – If you have been asked to give a toast, obviously you are valued in the honoree(s) life, and they must hold you in high esteem, rather they would have asked someone else. So be sure to address the honoree(s) by name. Include your relationship and a few short memorable stories and/or accomplishments. Try your very best not to embarrass them too badly.  
  4. Own the Speech – Remember, you are a bad ass. Practice your speech thoroughly, commit it to memory. Speak slowly, clearly, and confidently.
  5. Make a Connection with the Honoree(s) and the other Attendees – Dominate the toast by making direct eye contact with your audience and be sure to raise your glass.

Have we left anything out? Let us know! After you have mastered these simple steps, get ready to be the rock star of the evening and have people complimenting you the entire night. 


SourceStuff Every Man Should Know by Brett Cohen

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