Quick Guide: If you're not going to wear a bow tie, at least know how to pick a good cigar!





    We know you know this, but it bears repeating: These things'll kill ya. So don't shorten your lifespan by smoking crappy cigars. Get yourself a good one.

    • Consider the strength of the tobacco: Most connoisseurs agree that the best tobacco plants are grown in the Caribbean. Typically, the lighter the wrapper, the more mild the taste. The darker you go, gives you apple opportunities to grow hair on your chest, or get knocked on your ass. 
    • Consider the filler: Choose a cigar with long, bundled leaves so that the filler doesn't break apart in your mouth. 
    • Consider the wrapper: The outside of the cigar, it will vary in color from light to dark. It should be oily and smooth. avoid a cigar with extreme color variations or cracks in the wrapper. Remember a lot of flavor comes from the wrapper of a cigar.
    • Consider the texture: Gently pinch the cigar in several spots along its length. Avoid a cigar with lumps or soft spots. It should feel firm through-out void of any weak spots or divots. 
    • Consider the length and thickness: This is strictly a personal preference, but obviously larger cigars will require more time to smoke. If you pick a larger cigar ensure you will have the proper time to smoke it. Nothing is worse than being rushed to smoke your cigar. 

    Remember, the flavor is very important. Place the cigar to your nose and take a nice deep breath. If the fragrance of the cigar appeals to you, chances are you have found the right cigar. 


    source: STUFF Every Man Should Know by Brett Cohen



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