Do Not be Afraid of Color, Embrace it


You consider yourself a stylish man, you have all the basics down. Belts to shoes, shoes to pants, socks to pants. Now let's give you a bit more knowledge. It's time to implement color into your game. But knowing how and when to add it is crucial, less you look like a damn clown. It's not easy to do, but if you start following these simple steps you will be well on your way.

Let's first remember most men stick with the dry palette of black, grey, blue, and white. Because its easy and most importantly, it's safe. But, its also an overly done, bland choice. With your newly found confidence and knowledge you can abandon your old ways in favor of a splash of color that will set you apart from a sea of duds.

Use Color to Accessorize: It must be first noted, your core wardrobe in most cases, should not be colorful, keep these pieces timeless. Use color to accessorize, it can be a great way to show your playful side. For example a colorful leather belt is an easy and inexpensive way to add a bit of splash to your outfit. You can pair a blue, green or yellow belt with a nice pair of dark denim and a white oxford, for a casual, yet updated look. Easily pair this outfit with a dark blazer and your set for an evening out on the town. 

Wear One Bold Piece at a Time: As we said before, too much color will leave you looking too much like a clown. One bold piece can do wonders to catch the eye. It is important to remember when wearing a dominant piece of color, the rest of your outfit should be confined to neutrals and basic cuts. For example, a loud bow tie, a colorful pocket square and a large lapel flower might be just too much for what you had good in tensions on accomplishing. Pick one and dominate what you have chosen. 

Layer your Colors: We understand, you might be afraid of making too bold a statement with a colorful shirt or sweater. Not to worry, simply implement layering to ease your way into fixing that phobia. You can always wear a colorful shirt and pair it back to a more neutral, light weight sweater.

Keep it all in the Family: If you do decide to wear two color pieces at once, just remember to keep the colors in the same color family. For example, wearing a printed shirt with a solid-colored tie that picks up your shirt's color goes a long way with showing the ladies you can dress yourself. 

Quick Hint: You should literally have a small color wheel at your disposal. You will be shocked how easy this makes pairing color. 

Source: The Style Bible - The 11 Rules for Building a Complete and Timeless Wardrobe

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