7 First Impressions that Make Men Instantly Undateable



Sports Jerseys

Unless you are at a tailgate, Superbowl party, or a sporting event, leave your favorite jersey at home. Not only are sports jerseys unflattering and fit awkwardly but women don’t care if you are wearing Andrew Luck’s authentic jersey because fact of the matter is, she probably doesn’t even know who he is.

Rob Ford Certainly Gets It!



Pinky Rings


Are you the God Father? Pinky rings are for 60+ years old, Italian men.


This guy....I wanna spend time with this guy!


Shorts that hit below the knee

Your shorts should fit at the knee or above the knee.  If you want shorts that hit your mid-calf area, settle for manpris because they are a whole lot flattering than shorts that are too long. Oh an guys, stop wearing cargo shorts for god's sake.


At first glance this guy looks pretty suave....errr wait no, no he looks horrible.


Dying your hair

Embrace aging. So you have a few gray hairs coming in, don’t dye your hair because most likely the color will be off and will actually make you look more ridiculous then the gray hair did to begin with. On the other side, don’t get guy-lights. Men’s highlights should stay in the 90’s. Rumor has it, Ella Bing owner, Brent had guy-lights in the 90s, how freaking sweet is that?


We all did it....all of us!


Sleeveless T-shirts

The only place sleeveless t-shirts are acceptable are at the gym or while participating in physical activity. Sleeveless T-shirts absolutely do not belong in public places. So, no mater how big your guns are, please keep them covered up.


Not Even this guy can pull of the look. 

Sunglasses Indoors

Wearing your sunglasses indoors screams big ego. It is not sunny inside, your eyes will not get damaged from indoor lighting so stop being a drama queen and take your glasses off when you walk inside.


 Enough Said...


Embellished Clothing

Rhinestones are only allowed if you are a girl under the age of 10. Stay far away from embellished jeans and shirts, you do not want to be known as a Jersey Shore wanna-be.


Oh we just had to!


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