How to Wear Chukka Boots


Today we are going to talk about the ever so popular and trend for the moment, the Chukka Boot. Step out of your comfort zone and let us teach you a little something. 


Most men would never think of wearing boots because they feel it’s too audacious. They tend to get scared wearing any type of shoe that’s not the normal dress shoe or classic and mainstream style shoe such as athletic shoes, boat shoes, or loafers. This fall, boots are a featured piece of men’s fashion that I am absolutely crazy about. Men have the ability to look utterly amazing in ankle boots but a lot of them lack the confidence to wear them. The chukka boot is basically the training wheels of men’s ankle boots. With the use of laces, the boot looks a lot less aggressive and is more like a regular leather shoe then a boot.


Chukka boots are traditionally made with calf skin leather or suede and usually come in either tan or dark brown but they can also be seen in black and grey. Chukka boots are made with a two-piece leather format and are traditionally unlined. They have two or three eyelets and often men choose to switch the laces out with a multitude of colors to vary the look. Chukka boots are mainly a casual shoe but can also occasionally be worn business formal. If you are going to wear them with a suit the sole should be thin rather than thick, the thinner the sole the finer the shoe. When worn in a casual setting, chukka boots look best with jeans or chinos and the cuff of the pants rolled to show off the low ankle style and great colored laces.

Chukka boots should be a staple in your fall wardrobe, they’re great for everyday casual wear and the neutral color and leather material make them boundless with any attire. So if a regular ankle boot is just too outrageous for you, the Chukka boot should be your go to. Let us know how you wear Chukka boots in the comments below! 

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