Style Profile: Elvis Presley



The legendary King of Rock, Elvis Presley, has influenced men’s fashion since the
1950’s. As the true rock and roll star, he dressed for himself and did not care about what
others thought. From his swinging hips and tight pants that caused a stir, to his western
wear choices, and his love for Hawaiian print shirts. He changed the way men dressed. Elvis
experimented with new ideas that society would turn into trends.
He was flashy and outlandish compared to how other men dressed during his time.
His sense of style was individual. Mr. Presley is the poster child of Rockabilly style. Slicked
back pompadours, slim fitting pants, low top dress shoes, button downs, leather jackets,
and the simple white tee. It has a sense of ease and coolness to the look. This look rebelled
from the typical preppy look of the 1950’s.
Hawaii was one of Elvis’ favorite places in the world. The Hawaiian culture is very
vibrant and lively. You can easily see that Elvis was influenced by their culture because
he embraced color and prints. He wore bright colors like pink, which was his favorite.
From blazers, trousers, and socks they were always in color. Besides having a very colorful
wardrobe, you can find photos of Elvis in various prints. Particularity he liked Hawaiian
prints and stripes. You can really see this sense of style in his 1960’s movies like, Blue

Elvis also dabbled in Western themed movies like Charro and Flaming Star. He
was often scene wearing bolo ties, rodeo shirts, cowboy hats, and neckerchiefs. Growing
in Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis was surrounded by the Southern culture. He mixed his
western wear pieces and dressed it up with blazers. Mixing different pieces of clothing that
usually wasn’t put together is how he developed his personal style. Colors, patterns, and
accessories were influenced by Hawaiian and Western cultures. Being dubbed the King
of Rock, Elvis was very flashy when it came to his performance outfits. Jazzed up suits or
jumpsuits with sunglasses.
When he got dressed, it was for himself. What he liked and wanted to wear. The
main points to Elvis’ style, is that he incorporated what he loved into his wardrobe. He
wasn’t afraid to mix things up and try new combinations. One main lesson learned, you
don’t have to follow the crowd to keep up with all the latest trends. Find inspiration in
things you like and pull ideas from it. Start your own path and who knows if it might
become a trend.

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