Add Some Color: Shades of Dark Red


Burgundy, Maroon, Wine, Auburn, Garnet, and every other shade of dark red in-between are great fall colors. The rich deep color can add some variety to your dark fall and winter wardrobe. These colors work well with blacks, browns, and grays, which makes pairing easy. Use these colors as an accent color, keep it simple, or dare to be bold.


Small accents:

Wear accessories in dark reds for just a little touch of detail. Bracelets are the easiest way to add a hint of color without having to commit to something out of your comfort zone. If it’s chilly outside, opt for a maroon scarf or beanie.  Also you can opt clothes with details of dark reds. For example, a white tee with a maroon colored graphic. Need to be dressed up? Wear a tie or pocket square in that color. Just like our Sid Raymond Pocket Square and Wyatt Anderson Bow Tie. Having colored shoelaces have become popular, and reds look great against a tobacco colored shoe. Even the smallest detail can make a difference in your outfit.


Go simple:

Make this color the main statement of your outfit. Wearing it as a solid, you can easily match it with a variety of options.  The darker the shade, the more neutral it becomes because the color won’t be as loud as a brighter shade of red. As it becomes darker in color value, it becomes easier to integrate it into your wardrobe. Pick classic pieces of clothing in solids like polos, cable knit sweaters, and even plain tees. You can never go wrong with a good basic.




Be daring:

To be bolder with your color choice, try pairing it with mustards and army greens. Mustards and dark reds work well with each other because they are similar color families. It is a very daring color combination that has to be executed well, like the guy in the mustard sweater and maroon trousers. He pairs it with a gray blazer and dark brown boots. The sweater is the focal point of his outfit and the maroon pants act as the supporting color to make the mustard really pop. 


Embrace dark reds for your fall and winter color choice. Even though the world around you starts to loose its color, your outfits shouldn’t. You don’t have to buy an entirely new wardrobe, try it with your favorite neutral colored pieces of clothing. Blacks, browns, whites, grays, beiges, and navy blues are great colors to always pair it with. For a bold contrast, opt for greens and dark yellows. Add some variety this fall and winter season with dark reds.

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