Be The Good Fundraiser - Tampa Bay



On October 28th, Ella Bing had the privilege to hang out at The Getaway with close friends and supporters to help raise money for Michelle Boyd DeJong and her fight against brain cancer. The fundraiser was a huge hit with over 200 friends and family coming out and supporting Michelle with her battle against this tumor.


The night was a huge success filled with constant laughter, countless raffle tickets, many drinks, and lots of very generous donations. All together, we successfully raised just under $10,000 dollars for Michelle and her husband! The money is a great benefit to Michelle and Ryan but I think the most rewarding experience was gained from Michelle and the inspiration she had among the people at the event to Be The Good. The whole night Michelle was all smiles and laughter, her attitude was absolutely infectious and her outlook and insight on life left everyone at the event with a greater appreciation for the life we are given.


Although Michelle has been given every reason to give up, she refuses to let this tumor win and she continues to fight and be grateful for every day she is given. Here at Ella Bing, we are completely humbled by Michelle and her journey and are honored to be able to raise money for such a great fighter. I know Michelle will continue to persevere in her fight against brain cancer and we are overjoyed to have had the opportunity to stand by her side and help her kick cancers ass.

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