Style Tips: Cleaning Your Closet


If you are anything like me, you’re a clothes hoarder and addicted to shopping. Which I will even admit for a guy, it’s pretty bad. Therefore every 6 months I make plans to clear out my closet and reevaluate everything I own. When I mean everything, I really do mean EVERYTHING. Which takes up a good chunk of my day because I go through my entire wardrobe. I will find clothes that I forgot I had and sometimes some pieces that I wish I actually never bought. I thought I would write a post about some of my tips as I am clearing out my closet at the moment right now.

Understand that it will be time consuming

Why: Cleaning out your closet is a process.

Don’t skip anything in your wardrobe

Why: You own more than just what is hanging in your closet and those include shoes, socks, underwear, accessories, etc.

Start off with your “Yes” pile and finish it before moving on

Why: Your definite yes's should be the foundation of your wardrobe and these are the pieces you know fit you well or they are your favorites. Going through the Maybes and no's will only distract you.

Move on to the Maybes and No's

Why: Once you see what you want to keep you can decide which pieces you can actually give up. This is where I start to try on clothes.

Don’t convince yourself to keep an item

Why: You shouldn’t have to tell yourself you’re actually going to wear it again or fix it. In reality if you haven’t worn it in a while, give it up.

Sell or Donate what you don’t want

Why: If the clothes are brand name and in decent condition, try selling it to a consignment store or online. Anything else you don’t sell, just donate it. Donating your clothes will do far more good than handing them down to your friends.

Only keep seasonal items if you actually have used them within the past year

Why: If you live in warmer climates, you don’t need to have a good collection of winter coats. This applies to people who live in colder climates, you should hold on to so many summer pieces that you only get to use on a few times.

Once you have gone through all your clothes, you might realize that you have many items that may be very similar. For example, a few years ago I bought so many button downs in navy plaid print. Clearing out your closet may help you spot any purchasing trends and realize that you have 6 different variations of almost the same item. You can really see what you have and find out what you missing in your wardrobe. It could be color, patterns, basics, specific pieces, or new sizes. It may be lengthy but it will be worth the time.

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