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Chuck Bass might be just a character on Gossip Girl, but his style is as popular as the show itself.  While many women are closet envy of all the characters on the show, I know I feel the same way about Chuck’s wardrobe. Known as the male equivalent to Blair, Chuck would just be as extravagant and sartorial. What else would a womanizing heir turned into billionaire businessman? In the series Chuck has gone through a style evolution from preppy schoolboy to wolf on Wall Street.



Everything is fitted to perfection. He takes no expense to have his clothing tailored to his body. Throughout the serious Chuck is always scene in a suit, trousers, button-down shirts, vests, and coats. The man is never caught wearing jeans and a t-shirt. His wardrobe is the definition of sartorial excellence.

Attention to Detail

Every outfit he has worn is meticulously put together with varying color, prints, and patterns. Accessories play a huge part in Chuck’s outfits because they are the key pieces that really create his unique sense of style. Boutonnieres, scarves, lapel pins, bow ties, socks, watches, suspenders, pocket squares or anything else that Chuck Bass can wear to add more colors or prints.



Chuck Bass isn’t afraid of any color and will wear the most contrasting combinations. Just like his personality nothing about Chuck is bland. His color choices are unique. As a good anchoring color to tone down the pastels or bright colors, he utilizes a lot of navy and gray. Both colors look great pair with feminine colors like pink and purple.


Like I mentioned before nothing about Chuck Bass is dull. Neither are his prints and how he wears them. Mixing prints are what Chuck does well. Mr. Bass wears it all from Plaids, Polka Dots, Argyle, Stripes, and Checks. One major key point about his print choices is that he doesn’t steer away form classic prints and patterns. That is probably the only element he keeps in mind with prints. He isn’t scene-wearing Navajo or Abstract prints. It would take away from his sense of seriousness.

Just don’t look like this Chuck Bass....ever….


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