Don't call it a comeback

Why does a man choose to wear the more socially acceptable necktie, as opposed to the more daring bow tie? Often I’ve found myself pondering this exact same question, in addition to, why such a negative connotation surrounding men’s bow ties?

For starters, traditionally popular culture would lead you to believe bow ties were reserved for that of the Pee Wee Herman types, or an egg named Humpty Dumpty. On a smaller scale people in the service industry, magicians, or sadly a clown. Society has even turned to dropping the much maligned bow tie from the most formal of men’s apparel, the tuxedo, in favor of its skinny brethren the necktie. The stereotype of bowtie wearers is that they are eccentric, obstinate, extremely intelligent, politically conservative and rigid in character.
First, let’s be clear. Here at Ella Bing, we realize a bow tie is not for every occasion. We realize a necktie has its place in society. A bow tie fits nicely in place of a dinner jacket for an evening out, a night on the town, a fun dinner party, or this year’s Christmas party.
Amongst, all this silk, and cotton chaos, we ask, so why even wear a bow tie? Well, for starters, we think a bow tie defines the classic gentlemen. But not your average gentlemen, but one who bucks the trends; showing that you are a non-conforming gentlemen of style. What is the best way to stand out in a sea of neckties? Did you really have to ask? A bow tie of course. It’s an instant conversation piece around your neck. It will allow you to exude confidence and swagger, but not in a cocky, arrogant I’m better then you way. But in a way to make a very individual statement  A bow tie is a simple yet elegant way for a gentleman to make a memorable impression for his fashion flair. So get out there and rock a bow tie.

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