How to Shop for a Bow tie


If you think bow ties are passé, then you might have never worn a bow tie in your life. They may not be as popular as the neckties, but as we wrote about in our last blog post Don't call it a comeback they are highly in demand and becoming socially acceptable almost anywhere, additionally seen in certain professions as well.

Here’s how to shop for a bow tie:
1. Go for pre-tied bow ties if you want convenience. (Although, over at Ella Bing we highly suggest against doing this!) If you want to learn how tie a bow tie check out our how to video! If you’re not a fan of bow ties or you prefer convenience over sophistication, then go pick pre-tied bow ties. As their name suggests, they already form a loop. All you have to do is to wear them through a clip-on or something Velcro or garter (whichever works for you). These types of bow ties are also very easy to remove.

2. If you love bow ties, choose freestyle ones. These are the types that have to be tied on your own. They do consume a good amount of time, especially if you’re not used to tying one yourself. The good news is, along the way, you can come up with your own manner of tying, allowing your tie to further stand out. Freestyle ties are more popular to avid fans of bow ties. Plus, real men should know how to properly tie a bow tie.

3. Know the affair. Your reason for wearing it can greatly help you in choosing the bow tie. For instance, if you’re attending a formal affair such as a wedding, stick with the traditional ones like silver, black, or white. If you’re about to attend a black-tie event, of course, you shouldn't wear any other shade than black. Just remember this: when invited to any kind of occasion, ask if there’s a dress code. You’ll surely feel safer and part of the in crowd later.

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4. Be wild for a bit. If you want to wear a bow tie just because, then by all means, be as different as you can be. Pick among the many eccentric patterns available like polka dots or checkered. You can go bold with flashy colors like dark blue, neon, and deep red. Scan through different fashion magazines to get more inspirations and ideas on what to choose and how to wear a bow tie.

5. Spend your money wisely. It’s so easy to pick a cheap bow tie, especially if you don’t think you will be wearing it again. But you can never be sure. You might as well invest on a good tie, one that lasts for years. As a tip, you can look for check out our high quality, hand-crafted woven bow ties straight out of sunny Tampa Bay.

6. Measure your neck. Though you want your bow tie to really stand out, you also don’t want it to overpower your neck. Thus, for a better fashion sense, select a bow tie based on your neck size. If you have a long and narrow neck, select smaller and thinner bows (use the tie’s vertical spread to determine its size).

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