Top Misconceptions about Bow Ties


How do you see bow ties? Perhaps your own concept is one of the most common misconceptions:

It is hard to wear bow ties on affairs.

Bow ties have long been type-casted to very informal and sometimes funny events. But do you know that a black-tie event actually requires you to wear, well, a black bow tie? A black-tie occasion is a formal affair that is held beyond 6:00 p.m. It is not as formal as the white tie, but a black tie compels to follow the dress code to a T if you do not want to stand out from the crowd in an odd way or worse be prevented to get in.

It is boring.

A lot of people might have thought about this because they almost always see black ties. Silk ties, on the other hand, are now available in wide variety of colors and patterns. Times have changed, however, and ties these days—yes, including bow ties—are far from dull or drab. In fact, you can look incredibly sharp, neat, and debonair (take note of that, guys). Take, for example, Swizz Beatz. Part of his ensemble is a funky bowtie that anyone with a right attitude can carry with finesse.

It is meant for the “common” people.

Here is another awful misconception about bow ties. This could be because, in most of the formal meetings, men and even women wear their finest silk ties. However, if you are going to look into history, both real and fictional, some famous characters are known for their bow ties. These include James Bond and Winston Churchill. Most of all, bowties make you stand out. These days only 5 percent of the guys wear bow ties often. Wearing one therefore makes you different—in a good way.

You cannot be fashionable.

We have already told you about Swizz Beatz’s fashion, but if you need more proof, just consider this: even women now wear bow ties paired with suspenders and knee-length denims. Complemented by a fedora and perhaps a bright shirt and some sneakers, these girls all look uniquely preppy and casual without being too cutesy. Bow ties, moreover, also come in different designs, including the classic butterfly, batwing and pointed.

It is difficult to wear and carry a bow tie.

We are not sure how people developed this idea, but the bow tie is much easier to handle and wear than a necktie. First, bow ties are short and thus require fewer loops or turns to wear.  Second, since bow ties are smaller, they do not easily get dirtied, particularly when you are eating. Of course, they do not need a lot of space in your bag. You can even inconspicuously carry one in your pocket. Bow ties are more than what you think they are: common, too plain, and extremely casual. You can further enhance their essence by choosing the right bow tie to wear. For instance, you can shop for a high quality, woven bow tie with us, made right here in sunny Tampa Bay, always made from the finest materials, proof of its durability and uniqueness.


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