Why You Should be Wearing a Bow Tie


If you’re still apprehensive about wearing bow ties, then the following reasons might help change your mind:

1. Bow ties are much easier to maintain.

Bow ties are definitely more convenient to take care of than neckties. For one, they are not easily dirtied, especially when you’re eating. You’re not tempted to grab your tie to wipe your mouth. The bow tie hardly accumulates dust, and even if you perspire, the stain doesn’t become too obvious. When it comes to cleaning, the bow tie can either be dry-cleaned or handwashed, depending on the care label instructions. Regardless, cleaning it doesn’t require a lot of time.

2. Bow ties are safer.

Do you know that some professions actually compel you to wear bow ties over neckties? Some health care facilities and mechanical workshops demand such. This is because they are a lot safer to wear. They don’t get entangled in any machine, and they are not accidentally pulled, especially by children. The chance of getting strangled by your own clothing is lesser when you wear bow ties.

3. Bow ties are fashionable.

If you think bow ties make you look uncool, think again. There are too many well-known individuals who are also known for wearing bow ties. These include Winston Churchill, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Charlie Chaplin, Fred Allen, Gary Moore, Irving Levine, Roger Kimball, and Fred Astaire. To further prove how bow tie wearing affects fashion and society, when the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith of Doctor Who started wearing one, the sale of the accessory increased to more than 11 percent.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240"] 6 Benefits of Wearing Bow Ties - Be Like Dr. Who! 6 Benefits of Wearing Bow Ties - Be Like Dr. Who![/caption]

4. Bow ties make you stand out.

There’s no doubt, however, that neckties are more popular than bow ties. But you shouldn’t take it as a bad thing. By belonging to the below 11 percent of the crowd, you can make yourself stand out. All you need to do is to carry one with a fantastic attitude. Besides, no matter how designer a clothing piece or accessory can be, it doesn’t come outstanding until you deliver it in impeccable style.

5. Bow ties make you look professional.

Perhaps one of the reasons why bow ties are often viewed as inferior than neckties is because the latter are the ones mostly worn during professional events such as seminars, conferences, and meetings. If you think this way, then you are wrong. A black-tie event, for example, requires men to wear bow ties.

6. You can go casual with bow ties.

Bow ties can also go together with your casual attires too. Just check out Swizz Beatz to get the general idea. Today it’s possible to find checkered, flashy, and funky bow ties that complement your spring or summer look.

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