The Gator Chomp Bow Tie Review

Spending very little time in Gainesville, FL, except for good ol' SEC Football games, and waving as I pass by on the way to Jacksonville. We actually know very little about the swamp, but heck this bow tie sorta-kinda sports UF colors, and it reminds us of the University of Florida, and succulent gardenia flowers, for obvious reasons. Story time, a few years back, I was attending a Florida football game with my little brother, Sean from Big Brothers Big Sisters, I remember like it was yesterday. Kentucky was in town for a night game, and nobody but UF faithful even knew who Tre Burton was at the time. Sean and I pull up to Gainesville, about 45 minutes to game time, if you've ever been to Gainesville for a night game before, you know it's a bit busy. Parking was limited, after driving around for a bit, we finally found a parking spot, do I know where I am, of course not! BUT, I have my handy app, on my Droid, to pin-point where I have parked my car, done!
So instead of walking directly towards the stadium and following the crowd, I figured it would be beneficial for Sean to see campus, to take in the comradery of a college campus. So we zigged and zagged across campus, enjoy the sounds and sites of it all until we reached Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Lets fast forward, game was great, after a 6 touchdown game, the nation learned who Tre Burton was, and the Gators won big. Sean had a great time and that was the most important thing. Exit the stadium, with 88 thousand other people, open the app, click on my GPS saved location, and ooooooooh SNAP! This lovely little app did not save my location! As I stated before, I know very little about Gainesville, nor did I pay attention much, about how we made it to the stadium, things just got serious. I knew I was in for a challenge with Sean being 11 or 12 at the time, and I had a sinking feeling of helplessness in my gut. So we set out to find my car, we followed the crowds, walking down Stadium Road, passing the Nuclear Science Building. Wondering around Turlington Hall, walking down Newell Drive, near Rinker Hall, all amongst partying college kids. At this point its about midnight, Sean is wearing down - can't blame him. I get on the cell that is about to die, and call a taxi cab, asking just to be picked up and driven around campus in order to find my car, at this point I was willing to pay anything to find it. But alas, getting a cab in this horrific college traffic was not going to work. We finally arrive on Museum Road, and start heading east, we hit 13th Street and to our right is the CAR! Finally after 3 1/2 hours of wandering around campus, we found the car! Lesson learned, don't trust technology, pay more attention when you are in unfamiliar areas, and finally, boy, I would have looked good rocking The Gator Chomp bow tie!

[caption id="attachment_52" align="aligncenter" width="490"]The Gator Chomp Bow Tie The Gator Chomp Bow Tie[/caption]

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