Essential Knowledge a Man Should Obtain: Part One - Cigars


[caption id="attachment_133" align="aligncenter" width="470"]Enjoying cigars with friends in Ybor City Tampa Enjoying cigars with friends in Ybor City Tampa[/caption]

In the first part of our 5 series 'Essential Knowledge a Man Should Obtain', we dive into the art of Cigars

A superb cigar is an enjoyable accessory that speaks volumes about the person smoking it. Cigars can complement a nice glass of vino, in addition to making a special evening that much more enjoyable. But alas, hold the phone, for the cigar novice it’s a dangerous world out there. One can find cigars ranging from 6 bucks up towards the  $150 range for low to mid-level stogies. On the very high end you can quickly see cigars costing upward towards a few grand, yes a few grand, for super high end cigars.

Okay now let’s go shopping. Don’t jump in full throttle and buy a Maduro, because it will knock you on your ass, that will come in time. I myself made that foolish mistake a few years back when golfing, in the summer, in Florida, I was sick as a dog. For now, think of a cigar as an acquired taste, like coffee, so load up on cream and sugar for now.

Now you will need a cigar cutter, don’t spend too much on a cutter, a single blade will do. Unless you are Mr. Rico Suave and want to be a big spender of course. Oh, and you will be offered matches, take them.  Now let’s cut the son-of-a-gun. The closed end of the cigar is the end to snip off, just the tip! Now let’s light it! Always try to use matches as butane lighters can actually ruin the taste of a cigar, and that makes no one happy. When lighting, use small puffs, this will coax the flame. Big puffs will only cause the cigar to light longer.

Okay, now sit back and enjoy, take your time, it’s not a cigarette remember. Have a conversation, play some golf, enjoy a nice wine, take it all in. Check out Ella Bing Bow Ties for more information.

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