Why Wear a Bow Tie?


Why wear a bow tie? We often hear that very same question when we interact with the public. Bow ties allow you to stand out, in a good way, with a look that works in both smart and casual settings. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, bow ties are back, more popular than ever. Below is a fast and dirty way to get your feet wet in the world of bow ties.

The first option, an option we at Ella Bing frown upon, is the standard pre-tied bow tie, commonly called the clip-on. They come ready-made and ready to sport right away. But, unless you are 8 years old, you should probably steer clear of the clip-on bow tie all together. The ladies will appreciate the fact that you took the time to tie one anyways.

Ella Bing certainly suggests a self-tie bow tie. All of our bow ties are self-tying, excluding our toddler/childrens line. But without a doubt you are going to want to take the time to learn how to tie this neck wear. The first few times you try, you will get frustrated, and probably throw the tie down. But, alas try again, and practice makes perfect. We host free bow tie tying lessons during our Arts Market events in Ybor City, Tampa. And we see firsthand people’s frustrations when learning how to tie one. Most think ‘if, I can tie a necktie, then certainly, I can tie a bow tie’ not so fast my friend, if only it were so easy. But trust us, once you learn, you will have a bit of superiority of those necktie guys. One more thought, once you have gotten your bow tie tied. It’s okay if the knot is not perfect, you want it to look a little unorganized, if the bow tie looks too perfect, then people will think you are wearing a clip-on.

Once you have chosen your bow tie style, you need to make sure you can rock it correctly. You just can’t throw one on and expect the ladies to come calling in your direction. You must experiment a bit, try bow ties with different out fits. If you are wearing a busy shirt, make sure your bow tie isn’t. But if you want to wear a loud bow tie, make sure you shirt is a solid color. Just remember, once you figure this out, be prepared for attention and in a good way. Be proud that you can rock a bow tie, and most others do not have the kahunas to even try.

At Ella Bing we are proud of our growing selection of bow ties; we now have 6 unique collections with over 60 bow ties to offer.

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