With the bow tie becoming ever more popular by the day. It is important to understand when and where you can rock one at. They have become an important article or accessory for any formal occasion and of course the more traditional tuxedo or dinner jacket plays nicely as well. Let’s take a deeper look at what goes into choosing the correct bow tie.


At Ella Bing we carry four unique styles or designs. Our classic 2.5” Butterfly cut, followed by the slim 1.5” Batwing. Along with the ever popular Diamond cut, and our newest collection the Wood Bow Tie. All of our bow ties with the exception of the wood collection are self-tying bow ties. Which means you must know how to tie one yourself, which is a good thing. Do yourself a favor and invest a bit of time learning the craft, it’s far better than wearing a clip-on tie.


Color is all personal preference, but also can be judged based on where the bow tie will be worn. If you are attending a ‘black’ or ‘white’ event then obviously you are going to want to wear one that fits the event. What is great about bow ties now, is they have actually become a very casual accessory. We typically pick our bow tie based on the pattern or color of the shirt. A loud shirt, means you should have a solid bow tie, and just the opposite for a solid shirt.


Gone are the days, where you must wear a silk bow tie. Truth be told, there are a plethora of options available to us today. From Tartan, Madras, Taffeta, Cottons, Polyesters, Blends, Dupioni’s the list is endless, oh yes and wood! Feel free to experiment. And as you collection grows, because once you get hooked on bow ties, you can never have enough, you will find what finishes and textiles work best for you

Feel free to poke around Ella Bing and see what tickles your fancy.

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