A Non-Conformist Gentleman of Stlye


A little known fact, the bow tie was the first real knot for neckwear, dating all the way back to the 1700’s. Mixed with highs and lows, they have managed to fight through the tough times for a few centuries now, and now they are back baby. If looking like a true non-conformist gentleman of style, with class, sophistication, swag and pizazz, is your thing, then a bow tie is for you. The bow tie is the best accessory for a man who wants to look classy and timeless, all while standing out in a crowd. With the colors and designs off the chain these days, it’s obvious to see why they have become a popular choice in replacing neckties. All it takes is a little practice in the fine art of tying a bow tie and you will be ready to rock one with swag.

Traditionally, women have had the plethora of accessories to choose from when getting ready for a night out on the town. With us helpless guys stuck with very little to make us POP! Not that we really have that many options now, but I think you know where we are going with this. Enter the evergreen bow tie, adding an instant conversation piece to your wardrobe, by simply donning this elegant piece of fabric. These days you can find bow ties in a gargantuan size of varieties. Solids, stripes, dots, plaids, madras, silks, cottons, blends, the list goes on and on.  What makes an Ella Bing bow tie that much more special is our uber quality, and our dedication to perfection. Most of our fabrics and textiles range anywhere from 90 to 45 dollars a yard, in addition we use a very thick interfacing, that snuggles perfectly between the fabric. This all adds up to a very thick and weighted bow tie, exuding our confidence in our product.

When you are tired of looking like the rest of the fella’s in the office or dinner party, or you just want to stand out a bit more, then it’s time to for a timeless change, it’s time to rock a bow tie.


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