The Perfect Suit for a Summer Time Wedding


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As Jimmy Buffett once said (yes, we are quoting The Great Jimmy Buffett) "There's a fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning."

Here at Ella Bing we believe there is a strong difference between the suit you wear out for a night on the town with the boys, and the suit you wear to church the next morning. Let's not get them confused mates. 

Now we agree it's always important to have that ultra-flexible gray suit. But when summer calls and you hear wedding bells it’s time to ditch the nine-to-five attire and go for something a bit more out there, it's time to step it up a notch. Plaid suits were made for times like these, make sure to mix together the patterns of the suit, bow tie, and pocket square. But be sure to make it feel natural and not forced.

The Khaki Suit makes a return

More and more guys are sporting khaki suits and that’s a good thing, it is summer after all. But let's do it Ella Bing Style and pair that epically cool khaki suit with a sweet ass pair of summer white kicks (We prefer white chucks) and perhaps a blue seersucker bow tie to boot. And hmmm, pair it all with a nice white cotton pocket square with blue trim. There you go sport; you're ready for that summer wedding now.


Let's pull out all the stops 

A summer time wedding is the perfect time for you to show off to all the single ladies what they are missing out on. And you do that by tricking out your accessories. When was the last time you wore cuff links and a bow tie together? Eh, it's probably been a while, but alas, no more, as weddings are the perfect platform for us men to strut our stuff. Also make sure to keep a solid collection of pocket squares on hand to ensure you are ready for any occasion.

Alright boys, now you are geared to the brim with knowledge. Make the right decisions this summer and it could be you hearing wedding bells soon...Mazel Tov!


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