The Rules Have Changed for Tuxedos


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The Rules have changed for what now is considered a formal tuxedo. Gone are the days of the peaked lapel or pointed lapel.
Once reserved for the most formal events, reminding us of prom night circa 1999. Back are the days of the man's man, Bogart, and Connery as Bond. The Shawl Collar tuxedo is back, with just enough ganash and attitude to strut your stuff with confidence. This born again look, is given a modern splash by styling it as a suit rather than a tux, perhaps a colorful bow tie, suede shoes, no socks.

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To the Feet

Sure you could go to old reliable and polish up those leather tux shoes you wore to your Aunt Mildred's funeral a few years back. But now you are grown, you’re established, you're a man. Let's grow up Peter Pan and take your look to the next level. Wear a slick pair of urban oxfords, with colorful laces. Here at Ella Bing we are all about color, so live it up a little and pick a cool pastel. And hey after the wedding you can pair them sweetly with your best jeans for that date you scored by looking so damn dapper.

The Ella Bing Oxford


Flip mode Squad

The easiest way to go from looking like a prom date to a strapping man that would make Gaston jealous (you remember him) switch out the bland white shirt for something with a bit more pizazz. Ella Bing suggests something to make a statement, maybe pink, or powder blue or even a plaid. A simple change of the shirt can go a long way to freshening up your look.

To the neck

Well, we've gotten to Ella Bing's favorite part. And we think you probably know where this one is going. Pop on a bow tie to complete your look. Let's just make sure it compliments your dashing shirt and shoe choice. Make it a statement that says 'Look at me, I am man, ladies get in line!' Currently Ella Bing is really into Madras and Seersucker Bow Ties, but if you really, REALLY, want to step it up a notch, pair your badass look with an exclusive Ella Bing Woody. They really are a "show stopper" and an instant conversation piece.

Ella Bing Wood Bow Tie

Ella Bing Bow Ties


And the final piece to your utter badass masculine look we mustn't forget the simple, yet absolutely required pocket square.  Make sure it compliments your bow tie, never matching.


Follow these simple yet key steps, and you are certain to be leaving the wedding early with the lovely bride’s sister.    

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