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A few tips in wearing a pocket square

The pocket square is one of the most impressive accessories (the other being a lapel flower) a man can wear. But how do you wear it without looking like a clown? How do you pair it with your suit and tie? Read on to find these answers and more.

Rule number one, there are no rules. Per say. The pocket square should simply complement your shirt and tie, but make certain they do not match, just coordinate, you do not want to look like a little school boy. If it looks and feels right, strut your stuff. Now think of this fantastical can literally use anything you want for a pocket square these days. Do you want a splash of color? Go for it. Want something textured? We do too! From plaids, to paisley, to madras the skies the limit for pocket squares these days.Ella Bing Pocket Squares


Here are a few tips when it comes to pocket squares:

·         Unlike your pants, bulge is not a good thing, in the pocket square game. Pick a square that is made from light fabric, to avoid a puffy breast.
·         Back in Prom, circa 2000, when Ella Bing was just a young pup, hoping to be named Prom King (which I was robbed of...kidding, kidding, but seriously it was a conspiracy). Shiny accessories were the thing. Shoes, cummerbunds, ties, you get the idea. Today leave those silky, shiny, pocket squares buried somewhere, better yet, burn them. They are not what you want to wear.
·         If it comes from grandpa’s pocket, and used to collect his nose boogs, then it should probably stay in grandpa’s pocket. Nuff said.
·         Sure you can blow a shit-ton of money on a pocket square (and we really mean a shit-ton) but let’s be honest more than likely only 1.5” of that little guy is going to be showing, so does price really matter? Unless you are one of those guys, you’ll look just as good with a less expensive alternative.

Do this, not that

Remember the pocket square can act like the polish on your already dapper look; it’s not meant to be a focal point. Let’s avoid looking like Krusty the Clown (Yes, we've managed to use a Simpsons reference).


 These are lovely folds


Run for the hills, you clown

Know how to fold them

You can use the same square in multiple instances in the same day…SAAAAY WHAAAT!? A lot like the mullet, business in the front and party in the back, or, a lady on the street, and a freak in the bed.  You can wear your square for business use during the day, with a nice professional fold. And for the evening out for a youthful nightcap, you can swap out your jacket for something a bit more casual, and simply fold your pocket square a bit differently with a bit more pop, for a more casual flare.


So what have we learned today? Ella Bing got screwed back in 2000. Your imagination is the limit these days as long as you keep your bulge down. Stay away from grandpa’s pocket and silks. Don’t look like Krusty the clown, and for heaven’s sake, do not match your square with your shirt and tie. With all that being said, go forth and enjoy the riches of being a dapper gentleman.

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