The Fall Workout Wardrobe Guide


The Ella Bing Guide to your Fall Workout Wardrobe

Alright dudes, we know its still summer, and y'all are probably still working on those tans, but alas, old man winter will be creeping in soon. And unlike bears, us guys do not need to put on winter weight to stay warm. We have to stay active through the cool fall and cold as hell winter months. Here at Ella Bing, we can at least help you look good while doing it. Here are some essentials for Fall 2013 workout wardrobes. Whether you are gym-dude, or yoga-dude we have you covered to keep you in tip-top shape while looking your best.


Days of the basketball shorts are well behind us, and thank goodness for that. Go for drawstring shorts, that sit mid thigh, don't be ashamed to shoe a little leg. Be sure to swap out your weightlifting t-shirt from 1999, for something that will help wick away the sweat as you dominate the clean and jerk. Get this, socks up to your calf are back in style, so pick up a few pairs, and if you want to step it up a notch, go for black. 

Next Level: Freshen up a bit after you're hardcore workout with some essential moisturizers, to keep that skin hydrated.


Go for a light weight fleece, this way it will keep you warm for your early morning mountain trips, and you can wrap it around your waist as the day goes on. As for the shorts, you guessed it, go for something mid-thigh again, but make sure you have enough pockets to store all the trinkets you will most likely be carrying. Your feet need protection too, go for something that will help absorb rock impact. Don't forget some sweet shades, and a leash to keep them on your body, think Cotton Snaps.

Next Level: Track everything going on in your body as you dominate the cliff side, with a GPS watch.


Make sure to pick up a pair of shorts that have a good lining in them, to avoid miserable chafing. For those chilly fall mornings be sure to wear a thin down vest with a wool lined base layer. Down to your feet, if you are a minimalist runner or you just want Thor-like calves, be sure to check out Virbram Five Fingers shoes, believe us, they work. 

Next Level: Wires were so 2012, go Bluetooth this fall, with a pair of wireless ear buds, and kiss those annoying wires goodbye.


Class yourself up a bit, and put yourself in a decent tank. Be sure to pick up a pair of fitted sweat-shorts. And let's be honest Yoga-Dude, you're only really there to pick up women, so do yourself a favor and try not to look like a bum.

Next Level: Act like you know what you are doing, and bring you're own mat, no need to use a sweaty old one.  

So there you have it, a small little guide to looking your best, while dominating your sport of choice. 

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