Wearing a bow tie


The art of wearing a bow tie

In the experienced hands of a bow tie aficionado, the bow's final shape can end up influencing the outfit's overall image, even more than the fabric. It should be noted, that neck wear should not distract from the face.  And because it is often the most notable piece of clothing, it must be carefully presented.   

Let's first take a look at two issues, do consider when wearing a bow tie with style. The first being, its width, it should not extend beyond the outer edge of a person's face and definitely not beyond the collar. Else you will be looking like a damn fool. Ensuring this is easily accomplished now-a-days, thanks to the modern day adjustable system. If once you have adjusted and tied your bow and it is still too large, simply untie and adjust the neck piece smaller, until fitted correctly.

The second issue concerns the tying of the bow. There is no point in sporting a bow tie unless you have tied it yourself. It was once said, by some uber genius we are sure "A bow tie is a garment that combines confident flourish with absolute respectability." Wear a pre-tied bow tie and you loose all respectability and uniqueness the bow tie is supposed to represent. The hand-tied bow exuberates loops that demand attention as if they have a mind of their own. Unpredictable swirls give you that subtle insouciance, the perfect look.  

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