The Fall of Color


The Fall of Color - Brighten up your Winter Wardrobe

Of course, here at Ella Bing we strive to keep the staples alive and well. But every once in a while we run across a period of time where the traditionals aren't so traditional. Where Spring and Summer trends continue on into the Fall, the same only different. Colors and patterns with a fall twist. Ella Bing is here to tell you the Fall of 2013 is just that time.
Today we are going to talk about the pieces that can transform you from the every day flannel suits, into the double looks at the office, enter the fall of bright colors.
Lets start at the feet: The simplest way to brighten your look
Gone are the days where black and brown are the only socially acceptable colors to wear on your feet. The cheapest and least expensive way to do this is to start by buying a few pairs of socks that are not black. Go for something with a pop. Ella Bing can attest to this statement, because this is something we've been doing for years. Just ask the boys at the local Water Management District. Next, hit the store for a more vibrant, modern Wingtips...teal? Yes, please!
Tip: if you don't have the scratch for new kicks, than swap out your old boring black laces in those dress shoes, for something with a bit more color. 
On to the upper body: If the tie is Don Quixote, let your shirt be Sancho Panza
Now Ella Bing isn't saying that you make an entrance like those fools did in Dumb and Dumber. Keep your suit neutral, so you can use it as a blank canvas, accentuating it with splashes of color. If you are going to wear a loud tie, make sure your shirt remains subtle. You're not trying to look like Vanilla Ice in the board room. 
Now the Ying to the Yang, if you insist on wearing a loud, bright shirt, make sure your tie of choice is muted. This Fall there is nothing wrong with diving into pinks, yellows, or even orange, just remember to keep your tie in line. 
When in doubt, dress in layers
When you dress in layers, there is no need to be over the top with color, you can easily play the game "just the tip" and be perfectly fly in the office. Remember, color packs a lot of power. Perhaps compliment your dapper style with a brightly striped scarf. 
When in doubt, pick one color
This Fall the traditional rule, take them, and toss them out the window. Pick a color, any color, well not any color. Perhaps a blue, probably because you already have most of everything in this color. Just when you do, make sure to experiment with different shades of blue and compliments of blue such as brown and grays. 
Check out these color combinations that are always simple and classy: 


  Michigan Colors, Enough Said   


 These two colors need one another  


 Go to color variations                          

So when in doubt this fall, grow a set, show a little moxie, and rock a few colors. Basically, be a man, that people will want to notice. For more details of being a man, check out our Fall collection of bow ties.

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