New Affiliate Program with Ella Bing


Earn a little extra scratch and sell some bow ties

Ella Bing is introducing our newest program - Join our team by becoming an Ella Bing Affiliate. We sell bow ties, you make some extra cash, its that simple. Let's be honest, you probably already talk about Ella Bing and how awesome we are to all your friends already. Why not get paid for it? Its easy, just click the link below and sign up! You will be assigned a unique link that is attached to you. All you have to do is talk about our rad little company, and pass around the link, when someone buys, you get paid - Booyah! Earn 10% on every single transaction, pimp out your personal Ella Bing link all over social media, get the word out! The more you spread the word, the more money you can make - Genius! Our affiliate program is powered by Refersion, so its professional, simple and legit. So how can you spread the word? You could....

1. Speak (thats easy)

2. Perhaps print 100 copies with your personal link on it, and pass them out to your neighbors, and co-workers (your boss will love that)

3. Do you have a blog? Of course you do! Write an article get your readership involved make a difference!

4. Tattoo your personal link onto your forearm - everyone and their mother will be sure to ask you what in the hell you did (breaking the ice baby) there's your talk it up!

5. Blast your personal link all over Social Media - Just blast it everywhere!

So all this sounds just too good to be true, doesn't it? Well it is easy, and you can make some extra cash - so do it!

Become an Affiliate!

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