Three Fall 2013 Work Attire Looks, that Work.


Ahhhh...Fall is upon us. Our clothing styles for every day life are changing, as should your work attire. Here are a few quick tips for looking fresh during the fall months. 

If you are the button down and khakis kinda guy... then keep doing what you've always done. Just swap out those tan khakis, for something with a bit more color. Yes we know this style was trending during the spring and summer months, but thank goodness, this fall, the style is still going strong. So wear a light teal, or pale yellow pair of chinos. And swap our your white button down for something with checks, no stripes. 

If you are the blazer with jeans kinda guy...  you are the envy of the office, because you can pull off this business casual look with flare. Be sure to swap out last years blazer for something with a bit more texture. And be sure to grab a pair of slim fitting jeans, and role the cuffs, twice. 

If you are the two piece suit kinda guy...  Just like the blazer guy, it would be pretty sweet if your two piece suit had a bit of texture to it, perhaps tweed. Also make sure you go with the grays and blues, go for black if you are getting married, and that is all. Of course you could accentuate your look with a sweet pocket square and, or a lapel flower. 

Next Level... Be confident in your style. Any of these three looks can be jazzed up a bit with a bow tie. Like you expected anything else from us? Also ensure your socks are bright and colorful, a cheap and easy way to put an extra pep in your step this fall. Another inexpensive way to jazz yourself up is to switch out those brown or black laces for something with a bit more color. 

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