5 Cool Ideas to Ask Your Groomsmen to Your Wedding


Because men are often simple, asking the men in their closest friend group to be groomsmen shouldn't be too tough. A groom, on the other hand, would generally only invite his friends to be his groomsmen once, ensuring that the experience is remembered forever.

If you want something more intimate than a text message, then it’s time to get creative. Read on to discover five cool ideas on how to ask your groomsmen to your wedding.

Give Your Groomsmen a Special Gift

Who can resist gifts? Gifts have always been a natural love language to almost every human, and it’s also one of the most ideal ways to ask friends to be groomsmen in your wedding party. Giving gifts in person is one of the most sincere ways you can do this!

The perfect gift for your groomsmen could be a personalized scent, an engraved pocket knife, a leather wallet with their initials, a decanter for their preferred alcoholic beverage, personalized leather bathroom essentials container, and a flask.

Send a Card or Video to Invite Your Groomsmen

While sending letters and cards is often viewed as romantic, special moments could be shared between men, too. To add a personal touch to the invitation, include a photo of the two of you together.

If you want to go digital, produce a short clip or video with a funny concept. This is a great way to reach out to friends (or, in this case, groomsmen) who live far away.

Arrange a Groomsmen’s Night

If you want to try something new, throw a groomsmen’s night to celebrate and solidify the moments before your big day! You and your friends can simply grill at home, go on a weekend retreat, fly out the state, rent a party bus, or go to a sporting event with VIP tickets. There are so many possibilities, all you have to do is get creative and sincerely think about what your groomsmen will like and enjoy.

Following the conclusion of your groomsmen’s night, you should send each groomsman an invitation to your wedding celebration. 

Go Suit Shopping with Your Groomsmen

Now, this is a new kind of shopping spree! After all, who said shopping was only for women, brides, and their bridesmaids?

We understand that going shopping is the last thing a group of men wants to do, but if you go to the appropriate suit shop, you will enjoy the experience. Depending on your location, contact the best tailors near you and round them up so you can go to them stop after stop. Think of it like a scavenger hunt–one that will take you and your friends to the perfect suits.

Indeed, you never know what kind of bonding experience you can have with your boys until you try it out. Don’t sleep on this cool idea!

Host an Awesome Dinner with Your Guys

Sometimes, you just want to have a mature and wholesome dinner with your boys. Now that you are the groom, perhaps it is time to host your own groomsmen dinner. You can do this at home or you can plan a fancy dinner.

Food is a powerful memory and bonding agent. As a result, the ideal way to start your groomsmen's day is with a delicious dinner.


From gifts to dinners and suit shopping, remember that it’s all about enjoying your time with your groomsmen. With all these ideas in mind, you can make this experience memorable not just for you but your truest and closest friends!

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