Tips for Effectively Fulfilling Your Groomsman Duties


No matter what type of wedding your friend has, it is essential to be aware of the traditional roles of the best man and groomsman. To ensure the day runs smoothly and the groom has the best day possible, here is a guide to a groomsman's typical duties and responsibilities. It might not apply to your situation, but it's a great place to start.

Before the Wedding

Get a Good Outfit 


It's your responsibility to get the clothing you'll wear on your wedding day. The groom will likely tell you what outfit or formalwear he wants you to wear, making ordering online or going to a store much more accessible. 

He may ask the best man to buy all the suits and tuxedos in one go, in which case you should send your measurements quickly. Take care of this as soon as possible so you don't have to worry about the best man or groom nagging you to get your formalwear sorted out.

Attend the Events


As a groomsman, attending all pre-wedding events, such as the engagement party, couples shower, bachelor party, and rehearsal dinner, is essential. If you live out of town, don't worry if you can't make it to all of them. 

But if you are close by, it is expected that you will be present to show your support for the happy couple. You may even be asked to give a speech or toast at the rehearsal dinner or reception. Be prepared to be asked to do so.

Help with Planning the Bachelor Party


With the wedding quickly approaching, it's essential to support the best man in the preparation for the bachelor party. It's the best man's job to lead the charge in the planning but feel free to express your ideas when asked. Don't just stay quiet in the group chat when discussing potential plans. 

Prepare Yourself


On the wedding day, you should be prepared to help with whatever the groom or best man might need. Ensure you get a good night's rest the night before to be alert and ready to take action. 

Bring your tux and any other items that might be needed to the venue. Be available in the hours leading up to the ceremony if the groom or best man needs a sandwich, stain remover, or a boutonniere they left in the hotel.

On the Wedding 

Regarding wedding day duties, the groom's best man often feels pressured to be the group leader. The groom's best man oversees the groomsmen and ensures that all expectations are met on the big day. From helping the groom get ready to ushering guests, the groom's best man will have many tasks to accomplish.

First and foremost, the best man should ensure the groom is ready and looking his best before the ceremony. This includes helping him get dressed, tying his tie, and ensuring that his hair is styled how he wants it. Additionally, the best man should be sure to keep the groom calm and relaxed during this stressful time.

Finally, the best man should be prepared to take on any unexpected duties on the wedding day. This could include helping pin boutonnières or corsages, assisting with seating arrangements if needed, or providing moral support to the groom throughout the day.


The duties of a groomsman are an essential part of a wedding ceremony. They are responsible for helping the groom and his family with the ceremony preparations and providing moral and logistical support throughout the event. By fulfilling these crucial responsibilities, groomsmen help create a memorable wedding experience for the happy couple.

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