Men’s Wooden Sunglasses That Fit Your Face Shape


When you’re shopping for wooden sunglasses, there are a handful of face shapes you want to be knowledgable of that can be used as a guideline when considering your next pair. We chose the most common face shapes and explained which sunglasses offer a more distinguished look.

Browse all of our wooden sunglasses now if you’re ready to treat yourself to a frame that is aesthetically pleasing to your handsome face.

A Gentleman’s Rule of Thumb for Sunglasses: Your glasses should contrast, not mimic the shape of your face.

Face Shapes For Sunglasses

1. Oval or Oblong Face Shape

Cheers to you, your face is generally taller than it is wide. Considered a more favorable face shape, your features can accept many sunglasses variations.

With a naturally curved shape, we want to remember our Rule of Thumb here. Do not mimic your round features by selecting very round frames. Alas, if round lenses appeal to your style, consider finding frames that have an angular edge at the top to find balance in your structural harmony, like Clubmasters.

You have a face shape like: Kanye West or Ben Affleck

Choose from our wooden sunglasses for oval or oblong-shaped faces: Wayfarers + Clubmasters

2. Round Face Shape

Wonderful, your face is roughly equivalent both in height and width. Your mission is to elongate your features and add a more distinguished look with angular frames.

Per our Rule of Thumb, you will avoid round frames too. You can offset your facial contours by with horizontal frames, rectangular shapes, or Wayfarers.

Beware of choosing frames that are so tall that they inherently widen your face. Make sure any narrow frames fit properly on your bridge and the length of the temple arms aren’t too short, so they rest nicely on your ears.

You have a face shape like: Leonardo DiCaprio or Jack Black

Choose from our wooden sunglasses for round-shaped faces: Wayfarer Sunglasses

3. Heart Face Shape

Fantastic - your face is heart-shaped, you have a naturally wider brow and a narrower chin. Think of your face like an inverted triangle but a little softer all around. You’re looking to create a more structured balance with your wooden sunglasses so avoid wider frames that exaggerate your wider brow.

A classic frame from the 60s and 80s will give you balance and edge, the aviator. The dropped lenses give more weight to the bottom portion of the face.

Similarly, consider a modified Wayfarer. Look for a Wayfarer frame that has a narrower bridge (distance between each lens, where your nose sits) in order to avoid the traditionally wider style.

You have a face shape like: Justin Timberlake or David Spade

Choose from our wooden sunglasses for heart-shaped faces: Aviators + Wayfarers

4. Square or Rectangular Shape

Greetings, sir. Your square jaw accents a chiseled brow, which lends to your distinctive features. You create an air of confidence, allowing your options for wooden sunglasses to cast a wider net.

Per our Rule of Thumb, offsetting your angular features with rounded frames will help soften your edges. Semi-rimless frames, like Clubmasters, also help balance a prominent jaw.

The trapezoid shape of the Wayfarer flirts with our own advice but we’ll take the hit for it. Just be mindful of the width of the frame. If it’s too wide, you’ll look like a box.

You have a face shape like: Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Beckham, or Brad Pitt

Choose from our wooden sunglasses for square or rectangular-shaped faces: Round Sunglasses

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Very classic looking glasses with a modern edge and touch. The bands are different and with the wood and silver it makes them very versatile. I have worn them with a suit, shirt and jeans and to the pool. Works in all environments.


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