6 Tips When Wearing a Bow Tie to Complete Your Outfit


Everyone likes to dress up and go out in style, especially if there is a special occasion. For men, this is usually done in formal or semi-formal wear, including a nice shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, and a blazer or suit coat. This dress code is often preferred because of its versatility, but you must accessorize to complete the outfit. There is no better accessory to this outfit than bow ties.

A bow tie is a type of necktie with two loops tied together in the middle, forming a bow-like shape. It is traditionally associated with formal wear and is often worn with a tuxedo or suit. Bow ties can be a great way to add a touch of personality to any outfit, as they come in various colors and patterns. However, making them go with an outfit is often tricky because of their formal nature. To help you with this, here are some tips:

#1 - Match the Color with the Overall Outfit

First and foremost, you should match the color of your bow tie with the overall outfit. This does not necessarily mean that you need to match the exact color of the shirt or suit, but you should make sure that the colors complement each other. For example, if you wear a navy blue suit, you can wear a light blue bow tie. This will subtly contrast your outfit and make it look more attractive. You must also remember that the color of your bow tie should not be too bright or too dark—it should be just right to create a harmonious look.

#2 - Avoid Novelty Designs

No matter the occasion, you must avoid novelty designs when choosing a bow tie. Novelty designs are those that are overly loud, flashy, or ridiculous. They usually feature cartoon characters, celebrities, or slogans, which are inappropriate for most formal occasions. While they may be fun to wear, they are unsuitable for weddings, job interviews, or other important events.

The only acceptable time to wear a novelty bow tie is if the event has a specific theme. For example, if you are attending a Halloween party, you can wear a bow tie with a spooky design.

#3 - Pick the Right Size

Proportion is vital when it comes to wearing a bow tie. You want the bow tie to be an appropriate size for your body type and the occasion. It is too small, and it will look out of place while being too large will overpower your look.

Simply put, a bigger bow tie will work if you have a bigger frame, while a smaller one will be more suitable for a slimmer frame. You should also take into account the event you are attending. A large bow tie might be too flashy for a casual event, while a small one might be too subtle for a formal one.

#4 - Choose a Self-Tie Bow Tie

A self-tie bow tie is the most traditional and classic option for wearing a bow tie. It looks more sophisticated and polished than a pre-tied bow tie and can be adjusted to fit your neck perfectly. It is also the most versatile option, allowing you to create different knots.

To tie a self-tie bow tie, start by adjusting its length and draping it around your neck. Make sure that the back part of the bow tie is longer than the front part. After that, make a small loop on the right side of the bow tie and then pass the longer end through it. Pull the longer end up and around the back of your neck and tuck it into the loop. Finally, adjust the bow tie's size and secure it in place.

#5 - Choose Only Bow Ties Made of High-Quality Material

When choosing a bow tie, the material used is just as important as the design and pattern. High-quality materials such as silk, cotton, and linen are the best options for bow ties, as they will look better, last longer, and feel more comfortable against your skin.

The material used to make a bow tie should also be easy to care for. Some fabrics, such as silk, need to be dry-cleaned. On the other hand, other materials, such as cotton or linen, can be hand-washed or machine-washed. Additionally, some materials may need to be ironed or steamed to maintain their shape and appearance.

#6 - Always Keep It Tied for the Duration of an Event

You have probably seen photos of famous personalities with their bow ties undone after attending an event. They look good, right? While this is acceptable since the event has finished, you must keep your bow tie tied for the duration of the event. This will ensure that your bow tie looks neat, tidy, and professional throughout the event, and it will also help you to make a good impression on the people you meet.


Bow ties are a great way to add style to any outfit, especially when attending a formal event. Regardless of the occasion, it will help you to stand out from the crowd and make a good impression. This way, you can be sure that you look your best and appear polished and professional.

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