Wood with a Bow Tie: Reasons Why You May Need a Custom Bow Tie


Flowers are blooming, the weather is warming, and iced coffee is returning at cafes. That means it's officially wedding season. That's right, the arrival of spring has been confirmed. The wedding season 2021 could be hectic due to the combination of nuptials initially scheduled for this year and those from the previous year that had to be postponed. When shopping for formal wear, handcrafted bow ties are an excellent investment. You can expect many admiring glances and comments when you wear this.

They Are More Distinctive

Regarding dressing formally, neckties are the accessory for most males and androgynously dressed women. Those who wear bow ties to a wedding or other formal event, or even to a less ceremonial but still dressily attired gathering, are likely to be in the minority. Following a less trafficked path can make you more noticeable and give you extra style points. It's a great way to demonstrate to your fellow event-goers that you've put some thought into your ensemble.

They Allow For More Variety

Neckties provide a little room for individual expression. You have to strain your eyes to see out the nuances, however. Distinguishing between the diamond point and the extensive butterfly bow ties is simpler. If you want to increase your level of entertainment, all you need to do is add a bow tie.

They Are Both Dapper and Fun

Wearing a tie to a formal event is expected. Although some printed novelty ties are more lighthearted than others, they can be worn with dignity. In contrast, a bow tie can seem both modern and classic. Even for dress jewelry, this is quite an accomplishment. We can't separate its success from the evolution of bow ties. In the days when gentlemen regularly wore tailored suits, they were the norm. Visualize a gentleman from the 1800s dressed in a three-piece suit, top hat, and bow tie. How much more sophisticated can you get?

They Are More Practical

If we're sincere, we've all been worried about soaking our tie in something we shouldn't. It's inevitable for something to snag on your clothing as it dangles below your bust. Low maintenance as far as hassle goes, compact bow ties are the way to go. Knowing it won't sway and make a mess, you can put your mind at ease.

They Are Worn by the Most Stylish People on the Planet

Who or what connects James Bond to Frank Sinatra? Of course, they all have bow ties. A peculiar stigma has developed around the wearing of bow ties throughout the years. The constant use of bow ties by comedic figures like Bill Nye and Dr. Who may have made them appear less fashionable than they were. There are always men and women at red-carpet events who look just stunning in their bow ties and tuxedos.

Bow ties have been established as a symbol of social status. All these advantages and more can be yours when you opt for a custom-made bow tie instead of a mass-produced one.

They Are a One-Of-A-Kind Creation

True of few people's wardrobes and accessories. You will feel more unique and proud to show off your custom-made possessions. You'll wear something unique and feel good about yourself for supporting a local business.


Custom bow ties are a great way to stand out in the crowd. You can express your style and personality from formal events to casual occasions. They can be great conversation starters, too. Furthermore, custom bow ties are perfect for anyone looking for something unique and special.

They are also great for making a statement at a wedding or a special event. They can fit any outfit and make a statement with the right design and materials.

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