AUGUST 28, 2018

Creative & Unique Bow Ties for Men

Published by BRENT KRAUS

Let's start with the why...

Why do we wear bow ties? Is it for self expression? To be different? To Stand out? I tend to lean towards expressing ones self in any way you might feel comfortable in doing so. It is true, too, that some men are so uniquely partial to bow ties that their bow ties have become the signature elements of their ensemble. For such wearers the bow tie is emblematic — and that’s the way these men like it. For the average man, the semi-strategic use of the bow tie as a device to establish a trademark look is something of a double-edged sword. We who regularly wear bow ties now and then wish to enjoy the bow tie option without being labeled “the bow tie guy.”  

What makes a bow tie unique or creative?

Simply put, the the act of wearing a bow tie of any kind, already makes you more unique and/or creative than the average guy. The intrinsic value of wearing a bow tie is that it makes you stand out as an individual. For some people, the bow tie is in the same category as the novelty tie, or what’s worse the gimmicky tie. But the bow tie is neither. Don’t think of this tie as a bow affixed to the top of a man’s shirt. Think of it as a short cravat tied into a bow.


When Not to Wear a Bow Tie. There are better and worse ensembles for a bow tie, but there is no general rule regarding when or where not to wear a bow tie. ... If a necktie is too dressy or too buttoned-up for an occasion, then a bow tie might also be insufficiently informal.

— Some Guy

Wooden Bow Ties

At ELLA BING we handcraft some of the most amazing and unique bow ties you will ever see. To start we select only the best species of hardwoods around. We work with Zebrawood, Ebony, Cocobolo, Bocote, Shedua & Koa wood to name a few. We start with a block of wood, and start cutting out the basic shape of a bow tie. Then our artists starts the magic and starts crafting from feel and emotion. Some of our wooden bow ties take a little over an hour from start to finish, while others take a entire days of work, on one bow tie! We splice of up different species, perform glue ups and cuts with herringbone characteristics. But perhaps our most unique and creative process is called Stabilization. We infuse dye into the wood, while removing the air around it. We then bake the wood, to harden the stabilization concoction. You are left with some of the most beautiful wood you have ever seen.

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