September 10, 2018


Published by Brent Kraus


It is of our very humble opinion that your first business suit purchase should be a NAVY suit. It is by far the most versatile . Your second purchase should be a GRAY suit, charcoal is preferred, again for its versatility. Once you have the NAVY and GRAY suits in your wardrobe. It's time to expand outwards. Opt for a striped and/or checked suit in either NAVY or GRAY. Now for the giant gorilla in the room. The black suit. Stay away from the black suit for business. The black suit most certainly has its place, its just not at the workplace. You will thank us later.

Spend. Wisely.

Bespoke will always be the correct option here. But let's be honest, that can get expensive quickly. The correct bespoke suit can last a very long time, so there is value in investing here. The issue here, of course, is trends and cuts, a long lasting bespoke suit is great, but if you had it cut and tailored in a trendy manor, you all of a sudden have an expensive, useless suit. Off the rack is just fine here, especially if your budget is tight. The key is to find an excellent tailor. Having a great tailor on speed dial can work wonders for your wardrobe. Take that off the rack suit to your tailor and watch them work their magic.

Just find what works for you, what style suits you best, and just be confident enough to rock it.

— Odell Beckham, Jr.

Mitigate headaches.

The sexy blends and fine materials are certainly tough to pass up. But think long term here. The more luxurious the fabric, typically the more upkeep. Also, take into consideration where you will be wearing this you live in the south? Are the summers brutal? Are you outside often? Do you travel on planes all the time, or in a car? These are all very important questions to ask while suit shopping. You certainly do not want to buy a suit that wrinkels very easily. Or if you live in Florida in the 95 degree heat, wearing a wool suit. Just think wisely hear.

Maximize utility.

The suits you choose will become your core. Remember, you really only need three, NAVY, GRAY & PATTERN. The flexibility you chose in purchasing these colors, now pays off. As now you can purchase a dozen dress shirts and ties, in as many different colors and patterns as you would like. You can see how this can become near limitless.

Check the Fit.

We have already covered the importance of a great tailor. But we are going to reiterate it here. In general most men do not know how or why you would want a perfectly fitted suit. The high armholes, a nicely fited torso and obviosuly nothing too baggy. We feel you owe it to yourself to wear a well fitted suit. Remember spending a lot of cash on a bespoke suit, is nice, but not a requirement. Off the rack is just fine, as long as you get it tailored correctly. Also, remember to stay away from too many trends if you plan on keeping the suit for more than two years.

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