It’s okay to be frustrated, this tedious knot has stumped many men. But fear not, my friend. You can do this! In the video below I’ll show you how to tie a bow tie with ease and precision. Pause and repeat the video as much as you need. Whether you’re getting dressed for a wedding, a gala, or your nephew’s graduation, you’ll get this knot is no time.

How to tie a bow tie in a few easy steps
  1. Measure your neck size. Adjust the bow tie so it reads the correct measurement on the inside of the tie. If your bow tie doesn’t have the inches labeled on the inside, use measuring tape and adjust the size so the middle of the bow tie, excluding the two lapels, measures about your neck size.

  2. Place the bow tie around your neck, with your collar up, and let the two lapels lay flat on your chest. Face a mirror when doing this. Pull the left lapel lower so it’s slightly longer than the right. At least an inch and a half longer.

  3. Cross the left lapel over the right lapel. Continue pulling the left lapel underneath the right, like you’re tying a shoe, tightening it so it’s snug around your neck.

  4. Toss the longer lapel over your shoulder. We’ll get to that one in a second.

  5. With the shorter lapel in front, create the front of the bow by folding it in half. Keep your left index finger on the center of the bow,.

  6.  Use your right hand to bring the longer lapel back over the bow. Drape the longer lapel on the center of the bow and hold your bow tie firmly with your left index finger. 

  7. With your right hand free, pinch the two “flaps” of the bow tie forward like a taco.

  8. Pull the taco forward just a bit to expose a hole behind the taco. Turn sideways so you see it clearly.

  9. Use your left hand to grab the longer lapel, just below the taco, and using the index finger, push the lapel through the hole, little by little, from the left side to the right side.

  10. You can release the taco from your right hand once there’s enough material coming through to start pulling it through too.

  11. From  here, start adjusting the bow tie so it takes the shape you want. Remember, bow ties are not meant to be perfectly symmetrical. When it’s too perfect, it looks like a clip-on, gross. 

  12. Put your collar down and you’re ready to go!


Tips: If your knot is too loose, you want to go back to step 6 to keep the bow tie closer to your neck. If your bow tie is wider than your jaw line, your neck measurement is too big, make the bow tie length smaller. If your bow tie is smaller than your jaw line, your bow tie measurement is too small.

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